CG Pre B.Ed Answer Key 2022 |Chhattisgarh Pre BEd Answer Key

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            सामान्य हिन्दी

Q81. ‘पर्वत के ऊपर की समतल भूमि’ – वाक्य के लिए एक शब्द हैं –
A. चोटी
B. श्रृंग
C. उपत्यका
B. अधित्यका

Q82. निम्नलिखित में से कौन-सा वाक्य शुध्द है?
A. एक-एक करके सभी हार गये
B. हार गए सभी एक-एक करके
C. सभी एक-एक करके हार गए
D. सभी हार गए एक-एक करके

Q83. इनमें से अनुवृत्ति चिन्ह हैं
A. ^
B. ”
C. :-
D. –

Q84. कण्ठोष्ठ्य वर्ण हैं
A. ए और ऐ
B. ऋ और ई
C. उ और ऊ
D. ओ और औ

Q85. पदबंध होता हैं –
A. उपवाक्य
B. वाक्य
C. संयुक्त वाक्य
D. वाक्यखंड

Q86. कल्याण का पर्यायवाची हैं
A. मनोज
B. अतनु
C. भविक
D. कैतक

Q87. अभिज्ञ का विलोम शब्द हैं
A. अनभिज्ञता
B. अनभिज्ञ
C. अनभिप्रेत
D. अभिज्ञता

Q88. बोलना कौशल विकास के लिए सर्वाधिक महत्वपूर्ण सिध्द होगा
A. श्रुत लेख
B. कथा श्रवण
C. परस्पर वार्तालाप
D. सुनी हुई सामग्री का ज्यों का त्यों प्रस्तुतीकरण

Q89. निम्नलिखित में कौन सा शब्द देशज हैं?
A. उम्मीद
B. आदत
C. कलाई
D. क्लास

Q90. ‘कंठ का हार होना’ मुहावरे का अर्थ हैं.
A. धन गवां देना
B. बहुत धन पाना
C. संपत्ति मिलना
D. धन डूब जाना

                    General English

Q91. Choose one word for the following sentence :-
One who loves mankind is called –
A. Optimist
B. Philanthropist
C. Optometrist
D. Truant

Q92. Choose the correct preposition from the given :-
I went __ my previous notes before starting to write out the rough draft.
A. before
B. Over
C. into
D. across

Q93. Choose the correctly punctuated sentence.
A. Rohan ! you need to perform well.
B. Rohan , you need to perform well.
C. Rohan. you need to perform well.
D. Rohan; you need to perform well.

Q94. Change the voice of the following sentence :
They drew a circle in the morning.
A. A circle was being drawn by them in the morning
B. A circle was drawn by them in the morning
C. In the morning a circle have been drawn by them
D. A circle has been drawing since morning

Q95. Choose the correct option from given:
Word by word reading is
A. the practice of reading in an impersonal manner.
B. critical analysis of what one reads.
C. slow and unenthusiastic reading.
D. reading slowly when one is unfamiliar with the language.

Q96. Choose the correct antonym of the given word:
A. spurious
B. plutonic
C. innocent
D. real

Q97. What type of sentence is the following sentence?
Shopping online. Craig bought gifts for everyone in his family.
A Simple sentence
B. Compound sentence
C. Complex sentence
D. Compound-Complex sentence

Q98. Choose the correct model verb from the given:
Before this year, I __ move out of my parents’ house because I did not have a job.
A. may not
B. cannot
C. should not
D. could not

Q99. Choose the correct option from the given:
The competency that involves the ability to hear and utilize the sounds in spoken words while reading, is called-
А. fluency
B. comprehension
C. phonemic awareness
D. phonics

Q100. Choose one of best expresses the given sentence in indirect/direct speech
He said to the interviewer, “Could you please repeat the question?”
A. He requested the interviewer if he could please repeat the question
B. He requested the interviewer to please repeat the question
C. He requested the interviewer to a repeat the question
D. He requested the interviewer if he could repeat the question

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