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HPSC ADO Answer Key 2022, HPSC ADO Exam Answer Key 2022 SET A, B, C, D: HPSC ADO Exam Answer Key for Agriculture, General Studies. HPSC ADO Answer Key 2022 exam is held on 16 Oct 2022. Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC) ADO Answer Key 2022 PDF download from the official website i.e http://hpsc.gov.in/en-us/ Millions of students applied for this job. HPSC ADO Answer Key 2022 Sarkari Result Direct Link to check and download online. Follow the steps to check and download the Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC) Agricultural Development Officer Answer Key 2022 below.

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HPSC ADO Answer Key 16 Oct 2022
HPSC ADO Admit Card Date12 Oct 2022
Exam Date16 Oct 2022
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HPSC ADO Answer Key 16 Oct 2022

Q1. The rhizosphere effect can quantitatively represented by
[A] C:P ratio
[B] O:C ratio
[C] C:N ratio
[D] R:S ratio

Q2. The art of training plants into different shapes is known as
[A] skirting
[B] propping
[C] shrubry
[D] topiary

Q3. For determination of soil microbial biomass, carbon extracting agent used is
[A] potassium sulphate
[B] ammonium sulphate
[C] silver sulphate
[D] sodium sulphate

Q4. The mixture of breeding lines having the same genetic constitution, but differing at a specific locus is known as
[A] multi-lines
[B] recombinant inbred lines
[C] iso parental lines
[D] doubled haploid lines

Q5. Critical level for hot water extractable B (ppm) in soil is
[A] 5.0-10.0
[B] 10.0-15.0
[C] 0.1-2.0
[D] 2.0-5.0

Q6. The product of pedigree selection is
[A] heterozygous and homogeneous
[B] heterozygous and heterogeneous
[C] homozygous and homogeneous
[D] homozygous and heterogeneous

Q7. The CITES was signed in the year
[A] 1973
[B] 1974
[C] 1972
[D] 1971

Q8. In gametophytic self incompatibility system, when sib matings are carried out, the crosses are
[A] fully compatible or partially compatible
[B] always partially compatible
[C] fully compatible, partially compatible or fully incompatible
[D] always fully compatible

Q9. Prosopis cinerea and Cenchrus ciliaris are good fodder tree + grass combination for
[A] arid climate with sandy soil
[B] semi-arid black cotton soil
[C] semi-arid climate with red soil
[D] temperate climate

Q10. The type of germplasm, which is 10. frequently utilized by breeders for their crop improvement programme, is called as
[A] long-term collection
[B] working collection
[C] base collection
[D] active collection

Q11. Typical nitrogen deficiency symptoms in crop plants under high nitrogen content is due to the deficiency of
[A] Zn
[B] Mn
[C] Mo
[D] B

Q12. The type of recurrent selection that uses homozygous tester is known as
[A] recurrent selection for GCA
[B] reciprocal recurrent selection
[C] simple recurrent selection
[D] recurrent selection for SCA

Q13. Organic acids developed from organic matter decomposition act may be as chelating agent
[A] mercuric acids
[B] amino acids
[C] abscisic acids
[D] gibberellic acids

Q14. Tempering in seed drying refers to
[A] moisture vapour pressure
[B] small pause between stages of drying
[C] equilibrium moisture content
[D] moisture gradient

Q15. The Chargaff’s (1:1 stoichiometric ratio of purine and pyrimidine bases) is not followed in organisms having __ as genetic material.
[A] ssRNA
[B] dsDNA:RNA hybrid
[C] dsDNA
[D] dsRNA

Q16. Under which condition the hybrid seeds produced should be compulsorily subjected to grow out test for grant of certificate?
[A] Hybrid seeds produced through application of chemical hybridizing agents
[B] The certification officer is not satisfied with the field standards
[C] The seed crop raised under modified isolation distance
[D] The seed crop raised without following planting ratio the prescribed

Q17. Chemicals that have been implicated in attraction of rhizobia are
[A] flavonoids
[B] sugars
[C] peptides
[D] organic acids

Q18. Among the following, under which condition for maize hybrid seed production, the modification of isolation distance by planting border rows is not permitted?
[A] If the contaminating field is planted with sweetcorn, popcorn or teosinte
[B] Border rows planted with male parent
[C] Seed field having diagonal exposure to contaminating field
[D] If two hybrid seed fields with different pollinator parents are within the isolation distance of one another

Q19. In the G1 phase of cell cycle, each chromosome has __ chromatid(s).
[A] 3
[B] 4
[C] 1
[D] 2

Q20. In the ATP-driven proton potassium exchange mechanism, the H+ ions are formed due to dissociation of
[A] malic acid
[B] phosphoglycolic acid
[C] oxaloacetic acid
[D] pyruvic acid

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