Computer Fundamentals MCQ Question And Answer Part-1

Hello Friends, this section is specifically dedicated to those users who want to get knowledge on the Computer Fundamentals concept. Here we have included computer fundamentals questions and answers multiple choice MCQs. Students can expect some questions from this section for sure in the respective competitive practice it well and enjoy the good score you expect.

Part – 1

Q1. what is full form of html.
A. hypertext markup language
B. hyper tenstion markup language
C. hiphertext mark up language
D. none
Answer – A

Q2.What is the full form of CSS?
A. Cross Style Sheet
B. Cascading Style Sheet
C. Cross Super Set
D. None
Answer – B

Q3. What is the full form of HTML?
A. Hyper Text Markup Language
B. Hiper Text Makeup Language
C. Hyper Test Markup Language
D. None
Answer – A

Q4.Ctrl, Shift and Alt are called ………. keys.
A. modifier
B. function
C. alphanumeric
D. adjustment
Answer – A

Q5 .MS-Word is an example of _
A. An operating system
B. A processing device
C. Application software
D. An input device
Answer – C

Q6.A computer cannot “boot” if it does not have the _
A. Compiler
B. Loader
C. Operating system
D. Assembler
Answer – C

Q7. __ is the process of dividing the disk into tracks and sectors.
A. Tracking
B. Formatting
C. Crashing
D. Allotting
Answer – B

Q8._____are attempts by individuals to obtain confidential information from you by falsifying their Q8. identity.
A. Phishing trips
B. Computer viruses
C. Phishing scams
D. Spyware scams
Answer – C

Q9.Junk e-mail is also called __.
A. Spam
B. Spoof
C. Sniffer script
D. Spool
Answer – A

Q10. Microsoft Office is an example of a
A. Closed source software
B. Open source software
C. Horizontal market software
D. vertical market software
Answer – C

Q11. By default, your documents print in __ mode.
A. Landscape
B. Portrait
C. Page Setup
D. Print View
Answer – B

Q12. Which of the following is a popular programming language for developing multimedia webpages.
B. Java
D. Assembler
Answer – B

Q13. The first computer was programmed using …….
A. Assembly language
B. Machine language
C. Spaghetti code
D. Source code
Answer – B

Q14. The computer’s processor consists of the following parts.
A. CPU and Main Memory
B. Hard Disk and Floppy Drive
C. Control Unit and ALU
D. Operating System and Application
Answer – C

Q15. A hybrid computer is the one having the combined properties
A. Super and micro computers
B. Mini and micro computers
C. Analog and digital computers
D. Super and mini computers
Answer – C

Q16. Which one of the following is a programme that converts high level language to machine language?
A. Linker
B. Assembler
C. Interpreter
D. Compiler
Answer – D

Q17. Which one of the following is not a computer language?
A. Cobol
B. Visual Basic
D. Netscape
Answer – D

Q18. While the computer executes a program, the program is held in
C. Hard Disk
D. Floppy Disk
Answer – A

Q19. Which of the following operating system use command line interface ?
A. Mac OS X
B. Windows 7
Answer – C

Q20. Which of the following is not true about RAM?
A. RAM is a temporary storage
B. RAM is the same as hard disk storage
C. RAM is volatile
D. RAM is a primary memory
Answer – B

Q21. = sum (B1 B0) is an example of a
A. Function
B. Cell address
C. Formula
D. Value
Answer – A

Q22. WWW stands for ?
A. World Whole Web
B. Wide World Web
C. Web World Wide
D. World Wide Web
Answer – D

Q23. Which of the following are components of Central Processing Unit (CPU) ?
A. Arithmetic logic unit, Mouse
B. Arithmetic logic unit, Control unit
C. Arithmetic logic unit, Integrated Circuits
D. Control Unit, Monitor
Answer – B

Q24. Which among following first generation of computers had ?
A. Vaccum Tubes and Magnetic Drum
B. Integrated Circuits
C. Magnetic Tape and Transistors
D. All of the above
Answer – A

Q25. Where is RAM located ?
A. Expansion Board
B. External Drive
C. Mother Board
D. None of these
Answer – C

Q26. If a computer has more than one processor then it is known as ?
A. Uniprocess
B. Multiprocessor
C. Multithreaded
D. Multiprogramming
Answer – B

Q27. If a computer provides database services to other, then it will be known as ?
A. Web server
B. Application server
C. Database server
D. FTP server
Answer – C

Q28. The brain of Computer is
C. Floppy disk
D. Megabyte
Answer – A

Q29. A computer assisted method for the recording and analyzing of existing or hypothetical systems is
A. Data transmission
B. Data processing
C. Data capture
D. Data flow
Answer – D

Q30. In the context of Microsoft Word, there is a feature called ‘Gutter Margin’. What is this feature used for?
A. Improve the clarity of graphics and images
B. Facilitate the insertion of page numbers
C. Improve the clarity of the printed text
D. Give provision for better document binding
Answer – B

Q31. The data storage hierarchy consists of –
A. Bits, bytes, fields, records, files and databases
B. Bytes, bits, fields, records, files and databases
C. Bits, bytes, fields, files, records and databases
D. Bits, bytes, records, fields, files and databases
Answer – A

Q32. Which of the following is an extremely fast, small memory between CPU and main memory?
A. Main RAM and ROM
B. Secondary memory
C. Cache memory
D. None of these
Answer – C

Q33. A compiler is a software which converts –
A. Characters to Bits High level language to Machine language
B. Words to Bits
C. language
D. Machine language to High level
Answer – A

Q34. In a work sheet in MS Excel what is the shortcut key to hide entire row?
A. Ctrl + 2
B. Ctrl + N
C. Ctrl + M
D. Ctrl + 9
Answer – D

Q35. Which of the following technologies provide high speed data communication over wireless network?
A. Wireless LAN
B. Wimax
C. Wifi
D. All of the above
Answer – D

Q36. Every web page that is displayed on the internet has a specific address associated with it. This address is known as –
A. Uniform Research Limited
B. Uniline Resource Lab
C. Uniform Research Locator
D. Uniform Resource Locator
Answer – D

Q37. Which of the following is the type of software that controls the internal operations in the computer and controls how the computer works with all its parts?
A. Public domain software
B. Application software
C. Operating system software
D. None of these
Answer – C

Q38. Which among the following correctly defines the term ‘data’ in reference of computer science?
A. The symbols, characters, or quantities on which operations are performed by a computer
B. The numbers, letters, and symbols used in computer
C. Only symbols used in computer
D. The numbers and letters used in computer
Answer – A

Q39. Which of the following statements is true?
A. The speeds of both these computers cannot be compared with the speed of advanced
B. Minicomputer works faster than Microcomputer
C. Speed of both the computers is the same
D. Microcomputer works faster than Minicomputer
Answer – B

Q40. One strategy is allocating kernel memory is known as
A. Slab allocation
B. Register allocation
C. Resource allocation
D. Frames allocation
Answer – A

Q41. The ‘NOSHADE’ attribute in HTML
A. Defines the thickness of the line
B. Display the line in red
C. Display the line in dark grey
D. Display the example in red
Answer – C

Q42. Which Circuit is used to Store One Bit of Data?
A. Register
B. Encoder
C. Multiplexer
D. Flip Flop
Answer – D

Q43. Which is the Largest Computer Memory Units among the Given options ?
A. Terrabyte (TB)
B. Gigabyte (GB)
C. Megabyte (MB)
D. Kilobyte (KB)
Answer – A

Q44. What is USB ?
A. Ultimate Service Bit
B. Universal Sent-Bit
C. Universal Serial Bus
D. Urgent Sent Bit
Answer – C

Q45. One billion bytes is approximately equal to :
A. Terabyte
B. Petabyte
C. Gigabyte
D. Megabyte
Answer – C

Q46. Which protocol is used to convert IP addresses to MAC addresses?
D. None of these
Answer – C

Q47. Which of the following key is a minimal super key?
A. Alternate key
B. Candidate key
C. Secondary key
D. None of these
Answer – B

Q48. The abbreviation ISP stands for___
A. International spy project
B. Internet solution provider
C. Internet service provider
D. None of these
Answer – C

Q49. Which of the following is used to transfer data intended for a peripheral device into a disk so that it can be transmitted to the peripheral device at a more suitable time or in bulk?
A. Virtual programming
B. Multi programming
C. Multitasking
D. Spooling
Answer – D

Q50. Which of the following is used to open file menu options in current program?
A. Ctrl+F
B. Shift+F
C. Alt+F
D. Alt+Ctrl+F
Answer – C

Part – 2

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