Rajasthan High Court LDC Official Answer Key 13 March 2022

Q51. Choose the correct option for the underlined word: Last Sunday we went to the zoo.
(1) go
(2) will have gone
(3) no improvement
(4) gone

Q52. Choose the correct option:
When a king dies, his son is the ____ to the throne.
(1) air
(2) hear
(3) heir
(4) hair

Q53. Fill in the blank with the correct option: Neither of the two books found useful.
(1) were
(2) has
(3) was
(4) did

Q54. Fill in the blank with appropriate article:
Men fear death.
(1) the
(2) a
(3) an
(4) no article

Q55. He looked after the children well. Which of the following is correct passive voice?
(1) The children will be look after well.
(2) Look after the children well.
(3) The children were well looked after.
(4) Well looked after were the children.

Q56. Choose the option where the prefix Mis is wrongly used.
(1) Misdeed
(2) Mislead
(3) Misjudge
(4) Misez

Q57. Which of the following option is a synonym of ‘Brisk”?
(1) Quick
(2) Reflecting
(3) Corroding
(4) Reconcile

Q58. Fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb.
The company ____ money recently.
(1) has been losing
(2) had lose
(3) will lost
(4) have been lost

Q59. A diplomatic representative of the highest order sent by one country to another is called:
(1) Anarchist
(2) Ambassador
(3) Alienist
(4) Theist

Q60. Choose the correct meaning of the Italicised Idiom.
That young fellow was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.
(1) Born in wealth and luxury.
(2) To be very active.
(3) Refused to yield.
(4) Have a spoon in mouth when born.

Q61. Choose the correct meaning of the Italicised Idiom.
They are at daggers drawn:
(1) Strained relations
(2) Friendship
(3) Friendly with each other
(4) Helpful to each other

Q62. Fill in the blank with correct option.
He gave a lot of good _____.
(1) advice
(2) advise
(3) advices
(4) None of the above

Q63. Select the best option to fill in the blank. The letter have arrived by now.
(1) could
(2) would
(3) should
(4) will

Q64. Fill in the correct tense choosing from the options.
Ajay to Gurgaon last week to visit his parents.
(1) has driven
(2) drove
(3) drived
(4) will drive

Q65. He likes people to call him Sir.
Select the passive voice from the options:
(1) He likes Sir to be called by people.
(2) He likes to be called Sir.
(3) People like him to call Sir.
(4) None of the above

Q66. Fill in the blank using the correct phrasal verb.
The management _____ the demands of the works.
(1) acceded to
(2) acceded by
(3) acceded at
(4) acceded on

Q67. Everyone knows Subhash Bose. Choose the correct interogative form of the above sentence:
(1) Who knows Subhash Bose?
(2) Subhash Bose is known to everyone?
(3) Who does not know Subhash Bose?
(4) None of the above

Q68. Fill in the blank with the correct preposition.
I thought you would be late _____ Dinner.
(1) for
(2) at
(3) on
(4) will

Q69. Fill in the blank with correct preposition. The Principal called the names of the candidates who had passed.
(1) out
(2) on
(3) at
(4) for

Q70. Choose the closest antonym of:
(1) visible
(2) clear
(3) pure
(4) hidden

Q71. ‘Cartography’ is the science of drawing.
Choose the closest meaning of the Italicised word.
(1) Maps
(2) Isotherms
(3) Isobars
(4) Village life scenes

Q72. Select the right prefix:
(2) Non
(3) Anti
(4) Bi

Q73. Select the word closest in meaning from the given options. ‘DISTINCT
(1) Distrail
(2) Discreet
(3) Desecrate
(4) Discrete

Q74. Select the phrasel verb closest to their meaning.
(1) Look out
(2) Look on
(3) Look into
(4) Look in

Q75. Sentence has been broken up into four parts. Choose the part which is grammatically meaningfully WRONG.
(1) He told me that
(2) if he had time
(3) he will be visiting
(4) his family and friends

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