REET Official Answer Key 27 Feb 2023 English | REET Answer Key 27 Feb Level – II

Q121. Choose the correct meaning of the given idiom from the option that follow:
Turn a blind eye meand to?
(A) refuse to acknowledge a known truth.
(B) be open eyed.
(C) see with naked eye.
(D) be really blind.

Q122. Change the following sentence into active voice from the option given below:
My pocket has been picked?
(A) Someone will have picked my pocket.
(B) I Picked my pocket.
(C) Someone has picked my pocket.
(D)Someone had picked my pocket.

Q123. Choose the correct phrasal verb for the underlined word from the options that follow:
The chief guest distributed the prizes?
(A) gave in
(B) gave out
(C) gave over
(D) gave away

Q124. Choose the correct exclamatory from of the given sentence from the options that follow:
It is very sad that poor Bimla is dead.
(A) Ho! Ho! poor Bimla is dead.
(B) Hurrah, poor Bimla is dead.
(C) Wow, Bimla is dead.
(D) Alas, poor Bimla is dead.

Answer the question on the basis of your reading or the poem:

I left a Funeral, in my Brain,
And Mourners to and fro
Kept treading treading till it seemed
That sense was breaking through
And when they all were seated
A service like a Drum
Kept beating – beating – till I thought
My mind was going numb –
And then I heard them lift a Box
And creak across my soul
With those same boots of lead again
Then space began to toll
As all the Heavens were a Bell
And Being but and Ear
And I and Silence Some strange Race
Wrecked Solitary here
And then a Plank in Reason broke
And I dropped down and down.
Q125. Identify the figure of speech in the line:
Then space began to toll?
(A) Metaphor
(B) Alliteration
(C) Personification
(D) Satire

Q126. Which one of the following is not true of the Audio-lingual method?
(A) Explicit grammar rules are provided.
(B) Not even a single word of student’s native language is used.
(C) Sometimes the teache acts out of the dialogue.
(D) The teacher presents a dialogue which student repeat and eventually memorize.

Q127. The major weakness of the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)?
(A) Pair and group work build learners confidence and learning is interesting.
(B) Learners acquire fluence and accuracy.
(C) Learners get sufficient opportunities to practice language through tasks.
(D) Teacher’s involvement in teaching is less.

Q128. Which of the following is not applicable of the demerits of bilingual method.
(A) If the teacher fails to understand this method there is a danger of making this method into translation method.
(B) There is every chance to get confused while differentiating the feachers of the L1 and Foreign language.
(C) Learners may not rely more on their L1.
(D) The teacher must be fluent in L1 and L2 also.

Q129. Which of the following priciples not included The principles of Bilingual method.
(A) Meaning of new word, phrases, idioms, sentence and grammatical rules is conveyed through L1 in the initial stage of the Lesson.
(B) Pattern practice is given only in English.
(C) L1 is used only by the teacher to explain vocabulary and phrases.
(D) L1 is used only by the students to explain vocabulary and phrases.

Q130. Which one is not included in the important of CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation)?
(A) CCE reduces stress and anxiety of children and adolescent during the examination.
(B) It reduced dropout rate as there will be less fear and anxiety related to performance.
(C) Learners do not develop concept clarity.
(D) It promotes holistic development of the personality of learners.

Q131. Who has introduced the CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) system?
(A) CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)
(B) NCTE (National Council of Teacher Education)
(C) RBSE (Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education)
(D) UGC (University Grants Commission)

Q132. Which one of the following statement is not correct / true with regard to Audio-lingual method?
(A) Language is not for Communication.
(B) Language in learnt contextually.
(C) Language is learnt using the natural order-listening, speaking, regarding and writing.
(D) Repetition and drilling are common as language learning is part of the habit statement.

Q133. Which one of the following is not true of communicative Language Teaching (CLT)?
(A) The most important goal of CLT is to enable the learners to communicate in the target language.
(B) This approach uses a text book to teach English language.
(C) Language learners in CLT learn and practice English through interaction one another teacher.
(D) Learners talk about personal experiences with peers and teachers teach topic which encourages language skills related to various situation.

Q134. Which one of the following is not the type of tests?
(A) Aptitude test
(B) Attitude test
(C) Proficiency test
(D) Achievement test

Q135. Which of the following statement is correct with regard to audio-lingual method?
(A) Vocabulary first then grammar structures are taught.
(B) First using examples then rules are taught.
(C) Errors are not corrected immediately.
(D) Teachers are the role models of language uses.

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