SSC CGL Exam Analysis 12 April 2022 I Shift 1 Exam Difficulty Level & Questions Asked

A glimpse of the difficulty level of the exam, questions asked, and the number of good attempts discussed through SSC CGL Exam Analysis of Shift 1 held on 12th April 2022.

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 12 April 2022 Shift 1 1

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 2022, 12 April Shift 1 Exam

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 2022: The candidates can check the exam review of each subject of the SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam. There are four sections in the exam, namely General Intelligence and Reasoning, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, and English Comprehension. Based on the memory of the students, and data collected by our students, we are providing you with the section analysis of SSC CGL Tier 1 2022. We have updated the complete SSC CGL Exam Analysis 2022 in this article based on the feedback from the candidates. Please go through the tables below to know the SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam analysis & review for each subject in Shift-1 SSC CGL 2022.

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SSC CGL Exam Analysis 12 April 2022- Good Attempts
As per the SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Analysis 2022 12th April Shift 1 conducted, the overall difficulty level of the SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam was Easy to Moderate with 68-76 good attempts. Below we have discussed the section-wise & overall good attempts for easy understandability.

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SectionsNo. of QuestionsDifficulty LevelGood Attempts
General Intelligence and Reasoning25Easy to Moderate19-21
General Awareness25Moderate16-18
Quantitative Aptitude25Easy to Moderate18-20
English Comprehension25Easy to Moderate19-21
Total100 73-79

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 2022- 12th April, 1st Shift
Candidates can check the exam review of each subject including English, Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and General Awareness from the below section. The SSC CGL Exam analysis 2022 is prepared after taking inputs from the students from the exam center directly.

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 12 April-Quantitative Aptitude
Candidates can check the number of questions asked on each topic and the level of questions for these questions. The students have reviewed that the questions based on calculations were very less and comparatively easy to moderate level.

  1. Divisibility of 13
  2. Angle bisector
  3. Profit & Loss -Discount related
SectionQuestionsDifficulty Level
Data Interpretation3Easy-Moderate
Time & Work2Easy
Pipe & Cistern1Easy-Moderate
Profit & Loss2Easy
Successive Discount1Easy-Moderate
Number System1Easy-Moderate
Total Questions25

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 12 April- English
The questions asked in the English Section are easy and we have discussed some questions included in the exam.

  • Antonym-> Rely
  • Synonym-> Paranoid, Duo
  • Idiom & Phrase-> To Take After
TopicsNo. Of Questions askedLevel Of Exam
Fill in the Blanks2Easy
Sentence Improvement2Easy-moderate
Error Detection2Easy-moderate
Sentence Rearrangement2Easy
Idioms and Phrases2Easy
Active Passive1Easy
One Word2Easy
Spelling Correction2Easy
Cloze test5Easy
Total Questions25Easy

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 12 April- Reasoning
The Exam Analysis for the General Intelligence/ Reasoning section was of Easy to Moderate level for the Shift-1 12th April of SSC CGL Exam 2022. Missing Number Series question was box-based.

TopicsNo. Of Questions askedLevel Of Exam
Odd One Out2Easy
Number Series1Easy
Statement & Conclusions
Sequence (Acc. to Dictionary)1Easy
Water Image3Easy-moderate
Mathematical Operations1Easy
Seating Arrangement1Easy
Blood Relation1Easy
Mirror Image1Easy
Venn Diagram1Easy
Paper Folding Image2Easy
Missing Term1Easy
Hidden Figure1Easy
Counting Figure [Rectangle]1Easy
Complete Figure1Easy
Total Questions25Easy

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 12 April-General Awareness
The questions from the General Awareness section were Easy to moderate. A few of the questions as reviews by students have been discussed below-

  • विश्व कुष्ठ दिवस कब मनाया जाता है – 30 जनवरी को
  • हिमा दास किस राज्य की DSP हैं – असम
  • बजट 2021-22 में कुल कितनी राशि taxtile | industry मैं पेश की गई है – 11449.62 करोड़
  • न्यूटन का कौन सा नियम बल को परिभाषित करता है – दूसरा नियम
  • कालबेलिया नृत्य किस राज्य से संबंधित है – राजस्थान
  • निम्नलिखित में से कौन-सा पुष्प भाग नहीं है – Acc. to Option
  • साहित्य का नोबेल पुरस्कार 2021– अब्दुलराजाक गुरनाह
  • पृथ्वी पर पूरे जल का कितना प्रतिशत हिस्सा समुद्र में है – 97%
  • सतकोसिया टाइगर रिजर्व कहाँ है – उड़ीसा
  • कालबेलिया नृत्य किस राज्य से संबंधित है – राजस्थान
  • वर्तमान में एशियन क्रिकेट काउंसिल के प्रेसिडेंट कौन हैं – जय शाह
  • एशियन गेम 2030 का आयोजन कहां पर होगा – दोहा, कतर में
  • हरियाणा में हड़प्पा की साइट कौन सी है – बनावली
  • किस तुगलक शासक के समय पर तैमूर लंग ने भारत पर आक्रमण किया था – नसीरुद्दीन मोहम्मद तुगलक
  • 100वां संविधान संशोधन 2015 में भारत और बांग्लादेश के बीच में जो भूमि समझौता हुआ था उस वक्त भारत के राष्ट्रपति कौन थे – प्रणब मुखर्जी
  • 1328 में भारत पर किस राजवंश ने आक्रमण किया – Comment Your Answer
  • 103 Amendment related question
  • Where is Satkosia Tiger Reserve?
  • Kalbeliya Dance belongs to which state? Rajasthan
  • What percentage of water is in the ocean?
  • Which Newton’s law defines Force?- 2nd Newton’s Law
  • What will be Asian Game 2030 venue? Doha
  • Who is the Asian cricket council president? Jay Shah
  • Tughlaq Dynasty related question
  • Harappan Civilization in Haryana
  • Founder of Rashtrakuta Dynasty
  • Nobel Prize 2021 for Literature- Abdulrazak Gurnah
  • Article related to Supreme Court
  • In 1328 India was invaded by which dynasty?
  • Which of the following is a part of the flower?
  • Which disease is not prevented by vaccination?
  • 100th amendment was done by whom?
  • One Question related to kharif crops
  • Article 326
  • Nobel Price 2020 in Literature
  • Karnataka War related
  • Leprosy related question
  • In 1328 India was invaded by which dynasty?
  • Which of the following is not a flower part?
TopicsCurrent AffairsTopicsNo. Of Questions askedLevel Of Exam
Static Awareness2Easy-Moderate
Current Affairs7-8Easy
Total Questions25Easy-Moderate

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 2022: FAQs

Q 1. What are the Good Attempts for SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam on 12th April?

Ans. The average number of good attempts can be considered from  73-79.?.

Q 2. Which section was difficult?

Ans. General Awareness section was easy to moderate, the Reasoning Section was easy to moderate, the English section was easy, and the Quantitative Aptitude section was easy to moderate level

Q 3. How many sections are there for CGL Tier 1 2022?

Ans. There are 4 sections in SSC CGL Tier 1 2022 i.e English Language, Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and General Awareness.

Q4. How many current affairs questions are asked in the 1st shift?

Ans. In the shift of the 12 April 2022 SSC CGL exam, 7-8 questions were asked in the general awareness section and the level of current affairs was considered as moderate level.

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