UPPSC APO Answer Key 2022 | UPPSC APO Exam 2022 Answer Key

Q61. Which Section of the Police Act, 1861 is related to ‘Special Police Officers’?
(a) Section 24
(b) Section 22
(c) Section 18
(d) Section 17

Q62. Who among the following does NOT come within the purview of term “Court” as given under the Indian Evidence Act?
(a) Judges
(b) Arbitrators
(c) The person legally authorised to take evidence
(d) Magistrates

Q63. Under Indian Penal Code, 1860, sexual intercourse by husband upon his wife during separation is punishable under
(a) Section 376 C
(b) Section 376 D
(c) Section 376 B
(d) Section 376 A

Q64. Which one of the following Sections of Indian Evidence Act deals with relevancy of opinion as to digital signature?
(a) Section 46 A
(b) Section 48 A
(c) Section 47 A
(d) Section 49 A

Q65. Which one of the following is NOT included in the word ‘Cattle’ under Police Act, 1861 ?
(a) Goat
(b) Horse
(c) Dog
(d) Camel

Q66. The term ‘voluntarily’ has been defined in which Section of Indian Penal Code, 1860?
(a) Section 24
(b) Section 39
(c) Section 25
(d) Section 30

Q67. When a search is required to be conducted outside India, a Criminal Court may under Section 166-A of Cr.P.C. issue a
(a) Written order
(b) Search warrant
(c) Letter of request
(d) Letter of requisition

Q68. The case of Pakala Narayan Swami Emperor relates to
(a) Accomplice
(b) Doctrine of estoppel
(c) Cross-examination
(d) Dying declaration

Q69. Which of the following Sections of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 deals with ‘Solitary Confinement’?
(a) Section 72
(b) Section 71
(c) Section 74
(d) Section 73

Q70. Section 131 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 was amended in the year
(a) 2000
(b) 1999
(c) 2002
(d) 2001

Q71. Who among the following has the power to commute a sentence under Section 433 of the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 ?
(a) President of India
(b) Supreme Court
(c) Appropriate Government
(d) High Court

Q72. Which Sections of the Indian Penal Code provide for the offences relating to the Army, Navy and Air force?
(a) Section 124 to 129
(b) Section 171-A to 171-I
(c) Section 165 to 171
(d) Section 131 to 140

Q73. Provisions regarding certificates to police officers are provided under which Section of Police Act, 1861?
(a) Section 6
(b) Section 5
(c) Section 8
(d) Section 7

Q74. Match the following.
List-I List – II
A. Attempt to commit culpable homicide 1. Section 351, I.P.C.
B. Attempt to commit suicide 2. Section 362, I.P.C.
C. Assault 3. Section 308, I.P.C.

  1. Section 309, 1.P.C. D. Abduction
    A B C D
    (a) 1 2 4 3
    (b) 3 4 2 1
    (c) 3 4 1 2
    (d) 4 2 1 3

Q75. In which one of the following Sections of the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 provisions relating to legal aid has been provided?
(a) Section 305
(b) Section 304
(c) Section 310
(d) Section 306

Q76. R. Vs. Lumley is a landmark judgement related with which Section of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 ?
(a) Section 105
(b) Section 102
(c) Section 107
(d) Section 106

Q77. Which one of the following combinations is NOT correctly matched?

  1. Dowry death – Section 498 A
  2. Rape – Section 377
  3. Adultery – Section 497
  4. Robbery – Section 391
    Select the correct answer using the code given below:
    (a) 1, 2 and 4
    (b) 1. 3 and 4
    (c) 2, 3 and 4
    (d) 1, 2 and 3

Q78. Which Section of the Police Act, 1861 is related to ‘Village Police Officers’?
(a) Section 21
(b) Section 20
(d) Section 22
(c) Section 23

Q79. ‘A’ is tried for the murder of ‘B’. The facts that ‘A’ had murdered ‘C’ and that ‘B’ had tried to extort money from ‘A’ by threatening to make his knowledge public are relevant under
(a) Section 9
(b) Section 8
(c) Section 11
(d) Section 7

Q80. Which Para of U.P. Police Regulations provide that dying declaration of a seriously injured person to be recorded immediately?
(a) Para 113
(b) Para 112
(c) Para 115
(d) Para 114

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