RSMSSB CET Answer Key 8 Jan 2023 Shift 1| Rajasthan CET Answer Key 2023

Q136. किस विकल्प के सभी शब्द ‘अर्जुन’ के पर्यायवाची हैं?
(A) धनंजय, पार्थ, कौन्तेय
(B) अर्णव, उदधि, नदीश
(C) रजनी, यामिनी, निशि
(D) माधव, केशव, पीताम्बर

Q137. किस विकल्प में उचित विलोम युग्म का प्रयोग हुआ है?
(A) अनिवार्य आवश्यक
(B) जटिल – कुटिल
(C) संधि- समास
(D) कर्कश – मधुर

Q138. संधि की दृष्टि से संगत विकल्प का चयन कीजिए
(A) गुरू + उपदेश = गुरूपदेश
(B) अध: + पतन = अधःपतन
(C) स्त्री + उचित = स्त्रीयोचित
(D) विधे + इका = विधायिका

Q139- सुमेलित कीजिए
(i) मूल स्वर, (क) ख छ, फ, स
(ii) दीर्घ स्वस् (ख) आ, ई, ऊ, ऐ
(iii) अल्पप्राण व्यंजन (ग) अ, इ, उ, ऋ
(iv) अघोष व्यंजन (घ) य, र, ल, व
(A) (i) – (क) (ii) – (ख) (iii) – (घ) (iv) – (ग)
(B) (i) – (क) (ii) – (ख) (iii) – (ग) (iv) – (घ)
(C) (i) – (ग) (ii) – (ख) (iii) – (घ) (iv) -(क)
(D) (i) – (ख) (ii) – (ग) (iii) – (घ) (iv) – (क)

Q140 अशुद्ध वाक्य का चयन कीजिए –
(A) यह कार्य कैसे संभव है?
(B) कृष्ण ने कंस का वध किया।
(C) थोड़े समय बाद छात्र वापस लौट आए।
(D) देश शहीदों का सदा आभारी रहेगा।

Direction (141 to 143): Read the passage carefully and answer the following questions-

But before I could be inspired by these amazing people, I had to cleanse my feed. I know my weaknesses: just last week, Facebook memories reminded me of a pizza party I’d had two years ago ended up ordering a chicken dominator, with garlic breadsticks and an jalapeno cheese dip So much for Day One of Couch to 5K training. I stayed right on that couch. So far I’ve unfollowed Buzzfeed Tasty, Tastemade (even their adorable Tiny Kitchen) and several people who have the double advantage of being able to eat as much as they want and not put on weight. By my calculations, dark chocolate is healthy. So I’m still following Earth Loaf. Pascati and Mason & Co. When I finally found a gym I liked with the best trainers I have had, I unabashedly shared my workouts every day. From shying away from full-length pictures, I reached a point where I could share videos of myself deadlifting and doing back squats with a barbell across my shoulders. It gave me accountability.

Q141. Which of the following word in the passage means ‘very desirable’?
(A) adorable
(B) enviable
(C) cleanse
(D) inspired

Q142, Which of the following is a page related to chocolate?
(A) Earth Loaf
(B) TasteMade
(C) Buzzfeed Tasty
(D) Tiny Kitchen

Q143. The word with the meaning opposite to ‘shamefully’ in the passage is –
(A) enviable
(B) weaknesses.
(C) unabashedly
(D) shying

Q144. Match the sentences in the Column (A) with appropriate prepositions in Column (B) –
Column (A) Column (B)
(Sentences) (Prepositions)
(a) The train met _ an accident. (i) for (b) Such an idea would never occur me. (ii) in
(c) He has been in this office _
a year. (iii) with
(d) Wise people do not believe _____superstitions. (iv) to
(A) (a) – (iii), (b) – (iv), (c) – (i), (d) – (ii)
(B) (a) – (iv); (b) – (i), (c) – (iii), (d) – (ii)
(C) (a) – (ii) ,(b)-(iii),(c)-(iv),(d)-(i)
(D) (a) – (i), (b) – (ii), (c) – (iii), (d) – (iv)

Q145. Fill in the blank space with the correct phrasal verb from the given options-
The meeting was……………..because of bad weather.
(A) called off
(B) call back
(C) called in
(D) called back

Q146. What is ‘Pseudonym’ in letter writing?
(A) Fictitious name
(B) Name of the Editor
(C) Legal name
(D) Real name

Q147. Choose the correct English translation of the given sentence –
मैं अपने कमरे में प्रवेश करने से पहले अपने जूते और मोजे उतार देता हूँ।
(A) I take out my shoes and socks at the time of entering my room.
(B) I take off my shoes and socks while entering my room.
(C) I take out my shoes and socks before I enter my room.
(D) I take off my shoes and socks before entering my room.

Q148. Fill in the blank space with the correct determiner –
_ friends he has are sincere.
(A) The little
(B) Much
(C) None
(D) The few

Q149. Choose the most appropriate option –
Ashin said, “Shall I ever win a gold medal?” (Change into Indirect Speech)
(A) Ashin exclaimed if he shall ever win a gold medal.
(B) Ashin said that shall he ever won a gold medal.
(C) Ashin asked if he shall ever have won a gold medal.
(D) Ashin wondered if he would ever win a gold medal.

Q150. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the underlined idiom/phrase –
The winning team decided to go for the jugular in the last quarter of the match.
(A) give reserve playe a
(B) forfeit the match
(C) attack all out team
(D) give easy opportunities to the opposite

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