UPSC CDS Answer Key 2022 – English I CDS 1 2022 Answer Key

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Directions: Each item in this section consists of sentences with an underlined word followed by four word or group of words. Select the option that is opposite in meaning to the underlined word and mark you response on the Answer Sheet accordingly.

Q61. He discontinued the work due to pressure.
(a) deputed
(b) resumed
(c) ceased
(d) concealed

Q62. The teacher chided the pupil.
(a) admonished
(b) reprimanded
(c) commended
(d) reproved

Q63. I cherish your company.
(a) deprecate
(b) value
(c) adore
(d) sustain

Q64. The house was full of chaos when I reached.
(a) disorder
(b) confusion
(c) uniformity
(d) order

Q65. We worship celestial beings.
(a) utopian
(b) earthly
(c) transcendental
(d) ritual

Q66. Mohan is quite reticent.
(a) garrulous
(b) taciturn
(c) reserved
(d) quiet

Q67. He was rather childish.
(a) infantile
(b) harmonious
(c) seasoned
(d) exquisite

Q68. John is a magniloquent person.
(a) pompous
(b) turgid
(c) lofty
(d) terse

Q69. His clandestine affairs were suspicious.
(a) covert
(b) conspicuous
(c) furtive
(d) unknown

Q70. Some animals live a dormant life.
(a) latent
(b) iner
(c) sluggish
(d) active


Directions: Each of the following sentences in this section has a blank space with four words or group of words given. Select whichever word or group of words you consider the most appropriate for the blank space and indicate your response on the Answer Sheet accordingly,

Q71. Bad habits such as over-eating, drinking, or smoking very easy to acquire.
(a) have
(b) are
(c) will
(d) shall

Q72. One should fight the force of habit. Even good things can be very harmful
(a) from
(b) for
(c) of
(d) against

Q73. when done excess. The wise man is conscious
(a) to
(b) in
(c) with
(d) as

Q74. when done excess. The wise man is conscious
(a) about
(b) with regard to
(c) of
(d) with

Q75. his bad habits and checks them promptly. The use of tobacco has spread all’
(a) around
(b) of
(c) over
(d) in

Q76. the world. Those who have acquired this bad habit would be able to
(a) barely
(b) scarcely
(c) seldom
(d) hardly

Q77. get rid of it. Alcohol, which is more common in cold countries than in warmer ones, does nobody any good and should be avoided
(a) particularly,
(b) altogether
(c) at habitually.
(d) discreetly.

Q78. Alcohol, even if taken in small quantities, to affect one’s health. For the victims of alcoholism,
(a) tends
(b) does
(c) levels
(d) denies

Q79. helps, but this condition cannot be cured. Symptoms of alcoholism
(a) diagnose
(b) challenge
(c) treatment
(d) chronic

Q80. include repeated alcohol consumption related legal and health issues.
(a) serious
(b) despite
(c) meaning
(d) therapeutic

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