MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Answer Key 2023 | MPPSC State Forest 20 August Answer Key

Q81. Which statement is not correct?
[A] Chemical equilibrium is a dynamic equilibrium
B] Properties measured [ equilibrium remain constant
[C] Presence of catalyst affects chemical equilibrium
[D] Catalyst only establishes chemical equilibrium rapidly

Q82. Hydrogen gas is used in
[A] preparation of ammonia.
[B] preparation of hydrochloric acid
[C] preparation of methanol
[D] All of the above

Q83. (i) AB + C -> CB + A
(ii) AB+C Rightarrow CB + A
Which statement is correct forreactions (i) and (i)?
A reversible and (ii) irreversible
[B]) irreversible and (ii) reversible
[C] () and (ii) both are reversible
D and (ii) both are irreversible

Q84. Sodium lauryl sulphate
[A] is cationic detergent
[B] is anionic detergent
[C] is non-ionic detergent
[D] None of the above

Q85. Box-type solar cookers are suitable for
[A] boiling only
[B] boiling and baking
[C] frying only
[D] None of the above

Q86. For a successful operation of a thermonuclear reactor, Lawson’s criterion is given by
[A] ntauT <= 50 * 10 ^ 20 * keVs / (m ^ 3) [B] ntauT <= 150 * 10 ^ 20 * keVs / (m ^ 3) [C] n / T >= 50 * 10 ^ 20 * keVs / (m ^ 3)
[D] ntauT >= 150 * 10 ^ 20 * keVs / (m ^ 3)

Q87. A convex mirror has a radius of curvature of 22 cm. An object is placed 14 cm away from the mirror. The lateral magnification of the image will be
[A] +0.44
[B] -0.44
[C] +0.84
[D] -0.24

Q88. Red light of wavelength 632 nm in free space is incident at an angle. of 39 with respect to the normal on a glass slide of thickness d 0.78 mm and index of refraction n1-52. The wavelength of light in glass will become
[A] 316 nm
[B] 632 nm
[C] 416 nm
[D] 961 nm

Q89. For correcting many defects of human eye vision LASIK procedure is often done which is abbreviation of an
[A] Laser-Assisted In Situ Ker-atomileusis
[B] Light-Assisted In Situ Ker- atomileusis
[C] Laser-Assisted In Situ Ker- anomaly
[D] Laser-Affected In Situ Ker- anomaly

Q90. Electrons in an X-ray tube are accelerated by a potential difference of 5-0 kV. If an electron produces one photon on impact with the target, what is the minimum wavelength of the resulting X-rays? (consider h = 6 * 626 * 10 ^ – 34 Js and i_{c} = 1 * 6 * 10 ^ – 19 * C )
[A] 0-062 nm
[B] 0 * 124nm
[C] 0.248 nm
[D] 0 * 424nm

Q91. Two positive point charges of 12 µC and 8 C (micro coulomb) respectively are 10 cm apart. The work done in bringing them 4 cm closer so that they are 6 cm apart is
(1/(4pi*e_{0}) = 9 * 10 ^ 9 * m * F ^ – 1)
[A] 5-8 J
[B] 2-8 J
[C] 1-5 J
[D] OJ

Q92. An alternating current I in amperes varies with time t in seconds as I = 4 sin 200xt. The r.m.s. values of the current and frequency are
[A] 2 A and 100 Hz
[B] 4 / (sqrt(2)) * A and 100 Hz
[C] 4sqrt(2) A and 100 Hz
[D] 4sqrt(2) A and 50 Hz

Q93. The role of ZnCl2 in a dry cell is to
[A] avoid corrosion container
[B] provide mechanical strength to cell
[C] control cell temperature vor
[D] prevent crack of seal of cell

Q94. The essential requirements for selection of material transformer core are for
[A] low initial permeability, low hysteresis loss and low specific resistance
[B] high initial permeability, low hysteresis loss and high specific resistance
[C] high initial permeability, high hysteresis loss and high specific resistance G
[D] low initial permeability, low hysteresis loss and high specific resistance

Q95. Following reaction is an example of Glucose Lactic acid Carbon dioxide Energy
[A] microbial oxidation
[B] anaerobic respiration by yeast
[C] anaerobic respiration muscles in
[D] aerobic respiration

Q96. Guttation is
[A] loss of water vapour from plant surface
[B] exudation of sap from wounded plant
[C] exudation of drops from plant’s xylem
[D] loss of water as water droplets from the hydathodes of plants

Q97. In freshwater environments, reptiles are
[A] hyper-osmotic
[B] hypo-osmotic
[C] iso-osmotic
[D] hypotonic

Q98. In which of the following animals, the sex is determined by Z and W chromosomes?
[A] Fishes
[B] Snails
[C] Birds
[D] Mammals

Q99. Cyclic parthenogenesis or heterogony is found in
[A] aphids
[B] wood wasps
[C] ants
[D] saw flies

Q100. Human ABO blood group system is the example of
[A] epistatic gene
[B] multiple alleles.
[C] complementation
[D] polygenic inheritance

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