MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Answer Key 2023 | MPPSC State Forest 20 August Answer Key

Q21. ‘Ladli Behna Yojana’ was launched by the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh from
[A] Jabalpur
[B] Indore
[C] Gwalior
[D] Bhopal

Q22. Which author has been awarded by the Sahitya Academy with the Young Author Award, 2023 for Hindi Literature?
[A] Atul Kumar Rai
[B] Chetan Bhagat
[C] Meghna Pant
[D] Juni Chopra

Q23. Who has been awarded with the “Gandhi Peace Prize of the year, 2021”?
[A] Sulabh International
[B] Geeta Press, Gorakhpur
[C] Sharika Mujb-ur-Rahaman
[D] Yohei Sasakawa

Q 24. Sickle Cell Anaemia Mission 2047 has been started from which State?
[A] Madhya Pradesh
[B] Chhattisgarh
[C] Jharkhand
[D] Rajasthan

Q25. ‘Gaon Ki Beti’ scheme is associated with which State?
[A] Uttar Pradesh
[B] Madhya Pradesh
[C] Haryana
[D] Chhattisgarh

Q26. Cheetahs kept in “Kuno National Park” have been brought from which country?
[A] Kenya
[B] Namibia
[C] Sudan
[D] Zambia

Q27. Who is the newly elected president of the World Bank?
[A] Geeta Gopinath
[B] Ajay Banga
[C] Ruchira Kamboj
[D] Kristalina Georgieva

Q28. In which district of Madhya Pradesh is the Hindola palace situated?
[A] Ujjain
[B] Vidisha
[C] Dhar
[D] Gwalioratur

Q29. What is the objective of correcting the ‘Dak-Karmayogi’ portal recently?
[A] Grievance redressal
[B] Training of employees
[C] Awarding best performer
[D] Participation of public

Q30. Recently Smita Kumari has been. included in the Guinness Book of World Records for her special achievement in the field of
[A] Yoga
[B] Mountaineering
[C] Weightlifting
[D] Sea diving

Q31. CPU stands for
[A] Central Protection Unit
[B] Central Power Unit
[C] Central Processing Unit
[D] Central Prerogative Unit

Q32. Object Oriented Programming satisfies the criteria of
[A] polymorphism
[B] encapsulation
[C] inheritance
[D] All of the above

Q33. is not a popular marketing strategy for internet trades.
[A] Promotion
[B] Negotiation
[C] Price
[D] Product

Q34. Which of the following is not a root of Artificial Intelligence?
[A] Philosophy
[B] Evaluation
[C] Isolation
[D] Computing

Q35. Which one of the following does not support User Datagram Protocol?
[A] Network file system
[B] Domain name system
[C] Simple network, management protocol
[D] Reliability

Q36. In which year the USB port was introduced?
[A] 1997
[B] 1993
[C] 1996
[D] None of the above

Q37. Which of the following use(s) Artificial intelligence?
[A] Alexa
[B] Siri
[C] Cortana
[D] All of the above

Q38. ATM is a
[A] B2B
[B] B2C
[C] G2B
[D] G2C

Q39. One gigabyte is equivalent to
[A] 230 bytes
[B] 224 bytes
[C] 220 bytes
[D] 212 bytes

Q40. Mouse, joystick, and trackball are examples of
[A] Scanning devices
[B] storing devices
[C] pointing devices
[D] Multimedia devices

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