MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Answer Key 2023 | MPPSC State Forest 20 August Answer Key

Q41. The Homo-erectus skeleton is found from
[A] Hathnora
[B] Bhimbetka
[C] Damdama
[D] Amarkantak

Q42. The Nand-Chand fair of Panna is organized on the occasion of
[A] Makar Sankranti
[B] Holi
[C] Dussehra
[D] Dipawali

Q43. The Folk Deity Lala Hardaul is related to
[A] Malwa
[B] Baghelkhand
[C] Nimad
[D] Bundelkhand

Q44. Who built the palace of Roopmati in Mandu?
[A] Baz Bahadur
[B] Sultan Husang Shah
[C] Chandra Singh
[D] Dilawar Khan

Q45. The Madhya Pradesh Tourism Directorate was established in the year
[A] 1951
[B] 1956
[C] 1961
[D] None of the above

Q46. Who said the Fort of Gwalior as a pearl in the garland of the Forts of India?
[A] Babur
[B] Edward Terry
[C] Hasan Nizami
[D] Tiefenthaler

Q47. Which tribe considers itself a descendant of Ravana?
[A] Bhil
[B] Gond
[C] Korku
[D] Sahariya

Q48. Where is the main centre of the Pranami Sect in Madhya Pradesh?
[A] Sagar
[B] Panna
[C] Katni
[D] Rewa

Q49. Who was the author of Viramitrodaya?
[A] Mitra Mishra
[B] Rajshekhar
[C] Sarangdhar
[D] Bhavbhuti

Q50. Pithora painting is related to which tribe?
[A] Kol
[B] Sahariya
[C] Gond
[D] Bhil

Q51. The Scheduled Tribes and other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006 is divided into how many
chapters and sections?
[A] 10 Chapters, 9 Sections
[B] 6 Chapters, 14 Sections
[C] 25 Chapters, 43 Sections
[D] 6 Chapters, 19 Sections

Q52. Which word has been omitted from the definition of tree through amendment of Section 2(7) of Indian Forest Act, 1927?
[A] Plant
[B] Ficus
[C] Bamboos
[D] Agroforestry

Q53. The Environment Protection Act, 1986 consists of and
[A] 6 Chapters, 61 Sections
[B] 10 Chapters, 71 Sections
[C] 9 Chapters, 66 Sections
[D] 4 Chapters, 26 Sections

Q54. Consider the statements about Lok Vaniki Scheme of Madhya Pradesh :
(a) Lok Vaniki will be done mainly by the people themselves through associations and
elected bodies.
(b) It encourages the development of forestry on private land.
(c) Lok Vaniki Scheme started in the year 1999.
(d) The major focus of this scheme is on promoting scientific management of neglected and degraded land.
Which statement(s) is/are correct?
A only
B and (b) only
C, (c) and (d) only
D, (b), (c) and (d)

Q 55. A wide belt of trees, shrubs and grasses planted in row usually at right angles to the direction of the prevailing winds is known as
[A] Wind break

[B] Shelter belt
[C] Alley cropping
[D] Plantation

Q56. The fire that burns the herbaceous growth on the forest floor together with the layer of organic matter in various stages of decay is known as
[A] creeping fire
[B] ground fire
[C] surface fire
[D] crown fire

Q57. The animals which feed on vegetative matter such as leaves, flowers, fruits, branches, seeds etc. are known as
[A] predators
[B] parasites
[C] herbivores
[D] carnivores

Q58. Which of the following organisms can be used for biological control
of teak defoliator?
[A] Trichogramma evanescens
[B] Zygogramma bicolorata
[C] Cedria paradoxa
[D] None of the above

Q59. Viability period of Neem (Azadirachta indica) seed is
[A] up to two weeks
[B] up to three months
[C] up to four months
[D] up to one year

Q60. Establishment of a forest by artificial means on an area from which vegetation has always or long been absent is called
[A] reforestation
[B] afforestation
[C] deforestation
[D] None of the above

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