MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Answer Key 2023 | MPPSC State Forest 20 August Answer Key

Q121. A 15-meter long ladder reached a window, x meter high from the ground when placed against a wall at a distance of y meter. If the angle between ladder and ground is 30°, then about x and y which of
the following is true?
[A] x = 7.5 meter, y= 15√3/2 meter
[B] x = 15√3/2 meter, y = 7.5 meter
[C] x = 15/2 meter, y = 15/√2 meter
[D] x = 15/√3 meter, y = 15√2 meter

Q122. What should come at the place of question mark (?) in the following number series?
-1, 2, 7, 14, 23, ?
[A] 36
[B] 34
[C] 32
[D] 35

Q123. Ram is standing facing the East. He turns 45° in the clockwise. direction and then 270° in the anti- clockwise direction. Which direction is he facing now?
[A] North-East
[B] North-West
[C] North
[D] South-West

Q124. A fraction is such that when 3/4 is added to it, we get 1/3. What is the fraction?
[A] 2/1
[B] 4/7
[C] -5/12
[D] 5/12

Q125. Which type of forest is found in the Chambal valley?
[A] Desert thorn forest
[B] Ravine thorn forest
[C] Butea forest
[D] Babul forest

Q126. The practice of forestry along with arable crops and livestocks is called
[A] extensive forestry
[B] farm forestry
[C] urban forestry
[D] agroforestry

Q127. Who is known as the father of scientific forestry in India?
[A] Sir Dietrich Brandis
[B] Sir D. Anthony
[C] Sir Hamilton
[D] Sir J. Charles

Q128. According to National Forest Policy 1988, how much area of total geographical area of the country should be under forest?
[A] 25%
[B] 35%
[C] 33%
[D] 50%

Q129. The tendu leaves are also called as
[A] bidi leaves
[B] gum leaves
[C] betel leaves
[D] tejpatta leaves

Q130. According to India Forest Report 2021, how much percentage is the
total forest cover of the geographical area of India?
[A] 24.62%
[B] 25.78%
[C] 21.71%
[D] 22.74%

Q131. Which type of forest covers the maximum area inside the recorded forest area of Madhya Pradesh?
[A] Very dense forest
[B] Open forest
[C] Moderately dense forest
[D] Light forest

Q132. When was the National Green Tribunal established in India?
[A] 2009
[B] 1990
[C] 2005
[D] 2010

Q133. Which of the following districts of Madhya Pradesh has maximum forest area?
[A] Chhindwara
[B] Dindori
[C] Balaghat
[D] None of the above

Q134. Match the following:
(a) Acacia catechy (i) Teak
(b) Diospyros melanoxylon (ii) Khair
(c) Tectona grandis (iii) Sal
(d) Shorea robusta (iv) Tendu
A – (iii),(b) – (iv), (c) – (i), (d) – (ii)
B – (ii), (b) – (i), (c)-(iii), (d) – (iv)
C – (iv), (b) – (ii),(c)- (i), (d) – (iii)
D – (ii), (b) – (iv), (c) – (i), (d) – (iii)

Q 135. Swedish bark gauge is the modification of which of the following?
[A] Hammer
[B] Sickle
[C] Chisel
[D] Nail

Q136. Dot gauge is used to measure
[A] Height
[B] Crown diameter
[C] Roots’ depth
[D] Tree girth

Q137. Haber’s method is used to measure which of the following?
[A] Girth
[B] Height
[C] Volume
[D] Weight

Q138. Vetiver oil is extracted from which part of the plant?
[A] Stem
[B] Root
[C] Flower
[D] Leaves

Q139. Acacia catechy is used for extraction of
[A] gums
[B] resins
[C] cutch dye
[D] kattha

Q140. The pulp of which tree is not useful for paper industry?
[A] Cedar
[B] Subabool
[C] Populus
[D] Eucalyptus

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