MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Answer Key 2023 | MPPSC State Forest 20 August Answer Key

Q101. Insectivorous plants are adaptable to
[A] dry environment
[B] cold environment
[C] low-nutrient environment
[D] high-nutrient environment.

Q102. Tracheal respiration is found in
[A] fishes
[B] earthworm
[C] cockroach
[D] frog

Q103. Lymph nodes are associated with
[A] body defence
[B] digestion
[C] nerve impulse transmission
[D] muscle contraction

Q104. Which phytohormone is responsible for breaking seed dormancy?
[A] salicylic acid
[B] abscisic acid
[C] gibberellin
[D] cytokinin

Q105. The meaning of conservation of natural resources is
[A] miser use of resources
[B] the use of resources as per need
[C] no use of resources
[D] the suitable and well managed use of resources

Q106. Biodegradable pollutant is
[A] D.D.T.
[B] plastic
[C] asbestos
[D] sewage

Q107. Blue baby syndrome (due to formation of non-functional met-hemoglobin) is due to
[A] excess of arsenic in drinking water
[B] deficiency of iron in food
[C] excess methane content in atmosphere
[D] excess of nitrates in drinking water

Q108. Ozone occurs in which layer of the atmosphere?
[A] Troposphere
[B] Stratosphere
[C] Mesosphere
[D] Exosphere

Q109. Itai-Itai disease in human beings is caused due to which of the
[A] Mercury
[B] Cadmium
[C] Arsenic
[D] Nitrate

Q110. Cyclone is most disastrous for which of the following regions?
[A] Hilly region
[B] Central region
[C] Coastal region
[D] Grassland region

Q111. Indian Institute of Management is situated at
[A] Dehradun
[B] Bhopal
[C] Jabalpur
[D] Patna

Q112. Example of in-situ conservation is
[A] seed bank
[B] botanical garden
[C] tissue culture technique
[D] on site protection of biodiversity at all levels

Q113. Man and Biosphere programme is a programme of

Q114. Factor for depletion of ozone layer is
[A] chlorofluorocarbon
[B] chloroform
[C] acetaldehyde
[D] benzene

Q115. A certain amount becomes two times with simple interest in a certain time (7 years) at a certain rate of interest (R%) per annum. Then which of the following is not correct about rate and time?
[A] R = 10% T = 10 years.
[B] R = 15% T = 7 years
[C] R = 25% T = 4 years
[D] R = 5% T = 20 years

Q116. Arun bought 4 shirts. Out of these, he sold two shirts at a profit of 10% and one shirt at a loss of 7.5%. If all the shirts have been sold and he earned a profit of 6% in this business, then Arun sold the fourth shirt at
[A] 3.5% loss
[B] 3.5% profit
[C] 11.5% profit
[D] 4.5% loss

Q117. What is the H.C.F. of 2×2 – 3x – 9 and 2×3 – 54?
[A] 2x + 3
[B] x – 3
[C] 2x – 3
[D] x + 3

Q118. In the given figure, ABCD is a parallelogram. Then which of the following is true about x and y?

image 1
MPPSC State Forest Service Mains Answer Key 2023 | MPPSC State Forest 20 August Answer Key 2

[A] x = 110° y = 70°
[B] x = 70° y = 110°
[C] x = 70° y = 70°
[D] x = 70° y = 120°

Q119. In a AABC, if AB < BC < CA, then which of the following is true? [A] AB + BC > CA
[B] AB + BC < CA
[C] AB + BC = CA
D2 + (BC)2 = (CA)2

Q120. In a right angled triangle ∠ABC ∠B = 90° and sin A = 5/√29. Then which of the following is not true?
[A] cos A = 2/√29
[B] tan C = 2/5
[C] cos C = 5/√29
[D] sec(C) = √29/2

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