REET Level 2 Exam Paper 26-Sep-2021 Official Answer Key

Paper-II – (Section – III – Language – II English)
(Answer Key)
Section – III Language – II (English)

Q61. Remedial classes play an important role for
(A) society
(B) bright students
(C) disabled ones
(D) intelligent ones
Answer – (C)

Q62. An important feature of an adequate evaluation is
(A) it is irresponsible
(B) it is diagnostic
(C) it enhances learning
(D) it harasses students
Answer – (B & C)

(Q. Nos. 63-65 ) :

“The wind lies asleep in the arms of the dawn
Like a child that has cried all night.”

Q63. The second line is an example of
(A) Simile
(B) Metaphor
(C) Personification
(D) Alliteration
Answer – (A)

Q64. Metaphor’ is defined as
(A) far fetched simile
(B) implied simile
(C) covert simile
(D) explicit simile
Answer – (B)

Q65. __ is an example of personification in the above lines.
(A) Wind
(B) Child
(C) Night
(D) That
Answer – (A)

Q66. Blank verse is iambic pentameter
(A) without rhyme
(B) with rhyme
(C) with alternate rhyme
(D) without alternate rhyme
Answer – (A)

Q67. ‘O wild west wind, thou breath of Autumn’s being.’
The above line contains
(A) Personification and alliteration
(B) Simile and alliteration
(C) Personification and simile
(D) Metaphor and personification
Answer – (A)

Q68. ‘An elegy’ is
(A) a joyful lyric
(B) a poem on death of someone dear
(C) a sonnet on nature
(D) a marriage song
Answer – (B)

Q69. The speaker / narrator in the Pastoral elegy is
(A) a musician
(B) a shepherd
(C) a painter
(D) a sculptor
Answer – (B)

Q70. __ is the rhyme scheme of the English sonnet.
(A) abab, cdcd, efef, gg
(B) abab, abab, abc, cde
(C) abc, abc, def, def, gg
(D) abcde, abcde, efef
Answer – (A)

Q71. The drama that developed from religious rituals was
(A) Classical drama
(B) Elizabethan drama
(C) Medieval drama
(D) Melodrama
Answer – (C)

Q72. /’beri/ is the correct transcription of
(A) beri
(B) berry
(C) bury
(D) beary
Answer – (C)

Q73. ‘Exist’ is transcribed as
(A) /egjhist
(B) /egziest/
(C) /eg’zist/
(D) /Ig’zist/
Answer – (D)

Q74. The correct transcription of ‘virtue’ is
(A) /warchu:/
(B) /v3:t∫.u:/
(C) /vərt∫u:/
(D) /w3:t∫u:/
Answer – (B)

Q75. ‘Adjust’ is transcribed as
(A) /Əd3Λst/
(B) /ad∫ ust/
(C) Ədjust/
(D) /כ’d3Λst/
Answer – (A)

Q76. ‘Velar’ is the sound formed by
(A) the front of the tongue and the hard palate
(B) the lower lip and the upper teeth
(C) the blade of the tongue and teeth ridge
(D) the back of the tongue and the soft palate
Answer – (D)

Q77. Sounds ‘f’, ‘v’, ‘O’ ‘r’ etc. are
(A) semi-vowels
(B) lateral
(C) fricatives
(D) nasals
Answer – (C)

Q78. Which of the following plays the basic role in learning a mother tongue ?
(A) Motivation
(B) Naturalness
(C) Habit formation
(D) Purpose
Answer – (B)

Q79. __ is one of the chief characteristics of Communicative Approach.
(A) Examples are given to make the things clear
(B) It does not need trained teachers
(C) Learner learns the target language as mother tongue
(D) Textbook plays an important role
Answer – (C)

Q80. Linguistic variability or multilingualism is a __ to acquire the knowledge of a foreign language
(A) boon
(B) hardship
(C) tool
(D) ladder
Answer – (C)

Q81. The basic remedial English may cover
(A) vocabulary
(B) reading comprehension
(C) both (A) and (B)
(D) none of these
Answer – (C)

Q82. __ I was no better than a dead man, I was alive and was able to reach the shore.
(A) Though
(B) If
(C) Yet
(D) Moreover
Answer – (A)

Q83. Measles __ an infectious disease.
(A) are
(B) is
(C) will
(D) have
Answer – (B)

Q84. My friend and his father __ meeting us tomorrow.
(A) are
(B) is
(C) will
(D) have
Answer – (A)

Q85. The fisherman cast his net for two whole days but __ not get a good lot.
(A) can
(B) might
(C) could
(D) may
Answer – (C)

Q86. Ravi’s uncle guided him how he __ attempt his test.
(A) can
(B) should
(C) may
(D) will
Answer – (B)

Q87. ‘Flying’ in the face of means
(A) respect
(B) pray
(C) reward
(D) insult
Answer – (D)

Q88. ‘By fits and starts’ means
(A) not fit to start
(B) good omen
(c) not regular
(D) speedily
Answer – (C)

(Q. Nos. 89-90 ): Read the following passage and answer the questions :

‘Watching television for a long time could lower academic performance. It ‘steals’ away the reading time. Time management is about self-discipline. Time must be managed between filled and unfilled time.’
Q89. __ may be an appropriate title for the given extract.
(A) Discipline
(B) Self-respect
(C) Time-management
(D) Television
Answer – (C)

‘His father never starved, but he couldn’t cast any doubt on the story. So he had to make an effort to hold his tongue’

Q90. The linking devices used in the above extract belong to
(A) concession and contrast
(B) opinion and purpose
(C) condition and adding ideas
(D) contrast and consequence
Answer – (D)

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